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7 Best Shopping Cart Software For Your Business

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Are you looking for the best shopping cart software for your business but don’t know which one to choose? I get it, there are probably over a thousand options out there and even listing all of them would be overwhelming.

Well, that’s why I decided to write this article and show you the five best options available right now or hopefully help you make a decision and at least make the process a bit easier.

Why did I choose these five as the best shopping cart software?

It was easy. I researched a bunch of them, talked to many people, picked out the 20 I thought were the best, tried out each one on real websites and chose the best five.

So, based on all of this, here are the 7 best shopping cart software currently available on the market:

  • LeadCart
  • Keap
  • AbleCommerce
  • 3DCart
  • PayKickstart
  • SamCart
  • ThriveCart

Before diving into the reviews, it is important to mention that most of these tools share some similar features like CRM, email marketing, refund management, and others. However, some of the features are unique to each tool.

Because of this, I feel it’s not important how many features does a shopping cart software has but rather if those features are useful for you.

To make things simpler, I’m going to score each shopping cart software in the following criteria:

Easiness of setup (1-5)

Easiness of use (1-5)

Value for money (1-5)

Standout features (1-5)

LeadCart - A powerful cart solution to help you convert sales and maximize profits

LeadCart is one of the new players on the market. The company was started in 2018, It is currently in early access, but looks very promising. Their mission is to help entrepreneurs start their online business or expand it without needing to know how to code or hire developers.

The standout feature of LeadCart is the ability to lead the visitors of your site step-by-step to the checkout page which is easy and simple. By doing this, you prevent visitors from getting confused, or even lost on your website which could - and it usually does - lead to them leaving the website. LeadCart can also help you show your potential customers one product that will solve a problem they have and get them through the buying process fast and easy.

Currently, almost 1,800 happy entrepreneurs are using the LeadCart platform. Their standout feature is the ability to create a cart funnel or checkout pages that are battle-tested and guaranteed to increase sales and profits.

Unlike some other SaaS products, setting up LeadCart is straightforward - 3 clicks and you’re ready to go.

Their support team was very helpful in answering all of my questions (and believe me - I had a lot of them), making sure I was satisfied and going above and beyond which is something I truly prefer.


The standout features I mentioned above are outstanding but based on what I’ve seen even more awesome features are coming. Some of the currently available include the built-in payments integration to make that process easy for your customers, as well as subscriptions, trials (both free and paid), the comprehensive CRM system, card recovery, management dashboard for your affiliates and so much more. The list truly goes on.

LeadCart integrates with dozens of platforms (even more with Zapier), which pretty much means that the options are endless. Anything that is needed to sell your digital products, physical goods or services is there, ready for you to use in a couple of minutes.

The price of LeadCart is fair - the pro plan is $99 a month (or $990 for the entire year) and the premium plan is $199 a month ($1990 anually).


Sometimes, when a tool offers a lot of features, it is not easy to learn to use them all. However, LeadCart provides a lot of documents and videos plus their support team was there to help me out and explain everything I didn’t understand.

Another con would be the lack of free trial option, something that is understandable since the platform is in early access. Also, I’d like to see a bit more content on the website - maybe some news, guides about commerce, sales, and marketing. I see that their blog is coming soon and you can even sign up to be notified which I did.

LeadCart’ss score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 5

Easiness of use - 4

Value for money - 5

Standout features - 5

Total score: 4.75

Is LeadCart the best shopping cart software for you?

If you’re a digital entrepreneur who’s looking for some quick but effective shopping cart software, then Leadcart can be a great tool for you. The installation process is easy, the user experience is wonderful and there are more than enough features for all kinds of stores.

Keap - Automates your sales, marketing, and business processes in one place

Keap combines CRM, email marketing and e-commerce into one system that also automates your sales, marketing, and other business processes, allowing you to focus on closing more business. It does this in many ways including custom automation - for delivering right messages to the right customers, customizable stages and workflows for sales processes, as well as insights and reports.

According to BuiltWith, Keap is currently used by 36,000+ websites, with 28,000 websites being US-based.

Purchasing and setting up Keap is a surprisingly complicated process. Unlike pretty much every other SaaS company, Keap doesn't allow you to just sign up and purchase the tool for their website like you expect in 2019. Instead, they make you go through a series of demos and phone calls to express your interest.

The phone calls are fine and since most people have questions that they need addressing before spending money on a piece of software I’m not complaining. They are just inconvenient for me. Another inconvenience of mine is the mandatory setup fee called Kickstart which starts at $199. Keap is a complex software, which is definitely not a bad thing and with so much complexity I kind of expected a helping hand - I just wish it was included in the price.


I've used a lot of CRM systems over the last couple of years. While there are better options out there, Keap's CRM is good. I also like their take on the campaign builder. It reminds me of flowcharts which is pretty unique. The next thing I like about Keap is the stability and speed of the platform - it just works and it’s fast. No problems there at all. Their customer service team is also exceptional - they’ve gone to great lengths to make sure my experience is great.


Now, even though Keap is great at some things, it just falls short on others. My biggest complaint with Keap is that since it has so many features (I barely scratched the surface in this review) the platform gets confusing at times and I simply cannot find my way around it, which sometimes leaves me hopeless. Another thing I don’t like - which could the deal-breaker for some - is Keap’s pricing. It starts at $79 a month ($39 for the first three months) and goes up to $199 a month with 50% off for additional contacts and users. On top of that, you have to pay for Kickstart - their setup and training package which starts at $199.

There’s no doubt that Keap is a great shopping cart software. The list of features is outstanding - it includes almost everything that’s needed to run your online business. The problem with Keap is that, due to the number of features it has, it is rather complicated to use and the learning curve is pretty steep. Also, the price is higher than other similar products. You’re likely to spend at least $269 a month for 2 users with 5500 contacts plus the cost of their setup and training which varies.

All in all, if you have the resources - time for the setting up, training and getting to know how the platform works plus the steep cost - Keap could be a great solution for you.

Keap’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 3

Easiness of use - 3

Value for money - 4

Standout features - 5

Total score: 3.75

Is Keap the best shopping cart software for you?

It could be. If you could invest enough time and money in the setup process and training. But not for most companies. It’s the most appropriate for big enterprise companies.

AbleCommerce - helps any business that sells online

AbleCommerce is one of the pioneers of the e-commerce industry. They were founded in 1994 and today are one of the leading platforms because they offer easy customization (easy for developers at least), quality code and well-written API. You can purchase the software and self-host, or choose to host with them starting at $49 per month.

The app is easy to set up and use. You could also purchase source code if you have the need and the means to customize the platform yourself. As I mentioned, you could also host the platform on your server - which is great if you prefer to have full control over your apps.


Once you (or your team) can get the software up and running, you'll see that it is stable and it just works. It works great for businesses that process orders themselves and based on my experience, they invested a lot of resources in making sure everything performs well and as secure as possible. The back-end is robust and offers great content management and administration features.

Their support team is also there and ready to help you out in any way possible which is, like I already mentioned in this review, something I truly value.


Even though the platform is stable and works as advertised almost all the time - the features are pretty basic. At the moment, only a couple of basic templates exist. They are good but just basic. When I tested the app, I wasn’t able to customize discounts and coupons, which is something I as a store owner rely on..

Also, if you don’t have a dedicated programming team (or write code yourself), you'll probably have to choose the hosted version which can get expensive pretty quickly. I would recommend AbleCommerce to those store owners that have a costly product and can spend a bit more on this cart solution.

AbleCommerce’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 3

Easiness of use - 4

Value for money - 2

Standout features - 3

Total score: 3

Is AbleCommerce the best shopping cart software for you?

Even though AbleCommerce is a powerful tool, I wouldn’t recommend it entrepreneurs but only to people that have the means to cover the cost of the platform.

3DCart - A powerful e-commerce platform

3DCart allows anyone to open up an e-commerce store and show it to the world. They currently support over 23,000 stores operating globally and could be one of the few tools you need to run a store.


The platform is easy to install and use, it updates automatically in the background, allowing you to focus on your work. Beginners can easily learn to use the platform and should haven’t any problems with making and publishing a product onto their store. More advanced users would surely welcome the ability to add details to products and the functionality of their store as they want or need. You could even add custom code and make mockups.

It is customizable, the customer support is okay, as well as the pricing, which is competitive to other platforms (starting from $17.10 a month if you choose the yearly plan). It works well for most people.


With so many features, most apps start to get too complicated and 3DCart is, unfortunately, one of them. There is simply too many add on modules that are too similar. The file management is not good (especially when you need to search for photos). There are also occasional glitches, and some things occasionally break down which shouldn’t be the norm.

3DCart’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 4

Easiness of use - 3

Value for money - 3

Standout features - 4

Total score: 3.5

Is 3DCart the best shopping cart software for you?

3DCart has a lot of potential but it currently suffers from the same old problems like most shopping cart software - too many features that complicate things. However, I’m positive that 3DCart will be a great app in the future.

PayKickstart - a customizable shopping cart solutions that offer more

PayKickstar has been on the market since 2015 and is loved by many. They offer a free trial and the setup process is straightforward. What sets Kickstart apart are the excellent advanced features they’re offering as well as the possibility of doing high-customization on their platform.


The ease of use when integrating with other platforms is there. It is a great all-in-one solution for payment processing, affiliate and vendor relations, CRM, and sales funnel structure. You can even dabble with API. Reporting is great but could be much faster. Offers many options to override settings on an affiliate and product basis. Another great feature is the ability to create custom affiliate links - something many people would appreciate. The sales funnel builder is easy to use and has lots of settings.


No built-in advanced Google Analytics feature which is honestly a deal-breaker for many, including me. The mobile app could load a bit quicker. The marketplace is a bit confusing for beginners, as it doesn't explain in enough detail what each campaign is, how to start them, the meaning of some terms, etc. Perhaps that could be addressed in the future? I've seen other shopping cart platforms have knowledge bases and other support docs which I think would be great to implement here.

PayKickstart’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 4

Easiness of use - 4

Value for money - 3

Standout features - 3

Total score: 3.5

Is PayKickstart the best shopping cart software for you?

Even though PayKickstart does a lot of things good, at the moment it is not the best shopping cart software, but the future's bright for PayKickstar and I know I’ll keep my eye on them.

SamCart - the simple solution to selling online

SmartCart is a web-based shopping cart software to create one page that showcases your product and accepts the orders. The software was launched in 2013. With SmartCart, the sellers can have unlimited products and pages, 100+ of integrations, analytics, A/B testing, among many other features.

The setup process was easy, there’s a 14-day free trial during which you can use the platform without any limits, which I did.

Even though SamCart has all these features, a crucial one is missing. You are only limited to 2 payment processors - Stripe and PayPal, which was very surprising to me. I think it’s unacceptable to provide a shopping cart solution with only two payment processors.

A standout feature of SamCart is the ability to have many different payment models, ie. subscriptions, split-pay (you can choose the billing frequency).

Their pricing is the same as most other competitors, with monthly plans costing $99 or $199, depending on the package you choose.


A great looking app, easy to set up, navigate and use. My experience with their support was okay, however, their support is currently available in 6 languages which is fine for most people, but could be a problem for some. There’s a lot of features, most of which you probably wouldn’t use, but it’s good that they are there - in case you need them.


Even though I like the features of SamCart, I simply cannot get over the fact that only Stripe and PayPal are the only available payment processors. It is simply not possible to limit your users to just these two or have them adapt to your platform if they want to use it, rather than the other way round.

SamCart’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 5

Easiness of use - 4

Value for money - 2

Standout features - 3

Total score: 3.5

Is SamCart the best shopping cart software for you?

SamCart is easy to set up and use and its pricing is up to par with other shopping cart software, at the moment I can’t recommend because of its limited payment processors.

ThriveCart - cart platform for marketers

ThriveCart is one of the newest shopping cart software available on the market. It’s currently in a pilot program but will launch to the public soon. I’ve seen it mentioned on numerous websites and in many reviews, probably to their affiliate program which offers generous awards for participants. Since it’s tied to an affiliate program at the moment, it is hard to find an unbiased review online. I guess mine will be (one of the) first. :)

To start using ThriveCart, you’ll have to join their pilot program, pay a one-time fee ($595) and after completing the registration process, you’ll be presented with the platform.

The platform looks great - it has all the bells and whistles and is mostly bug-free. Navigating through the software is user-friendly, but it still needs some work.

It currently accepts Stripe, Authorize.Net, PayPal, and Apple Pay which is great, but I would like to see more options. But I’m sure more are coming. It also has a flexible payment model feature, allowing you to choose between many options including subscriptions, split-pay, auto-billing, etc. Other interesting features include discounts, bump offers, one-click upsell, etc.


Like most platforms in this review, ThriveCart runs smoothly most of the time. However, there are a few bugs here and there, but nothing spectacular, especially when you consider that the platform is in pre-launch. I like the ability to customize your dashboard, something you don’t see very often.


My main concern with ThriveCart is the cost. The pre-launch pilot program is advertised with a “heavily discounted price” of $595, which based on my experience means that the software’s cost will be larger than most of its competitors and I simply can’t justify that, simply because ThriveCart doesn’t offer anything revolutionary at this moment. However, I’ll keep my eye on it.

ThriveCart’s score as the shopping cart software

Easiness of setup - 3

Easiness of use - 5

Value for money - 2

Standout features - 3

Total score: 3.25

Is ThriveCart the best shopping cart software for you?

ThriveCart has great potential. It’s easy to use, has great integrations and features, but the price, which will be higher (based on my experience) than competitors’ isn’t justifiable. At least, not right now.


So there you have it, my thoughts on the best shopping cart software to use in your commerce business. There are a lot of options out there - some are good, some are bad, most have the same features, but only a few stand out. In this review, I tested the same features in similar stores, in the same way, making sure not to give an advantage to any tool. My choice for the best shopping cart software is LeadCart.

If there are some other options you’d like me to test out, be sure to let me know in the comments.

If you think that LeadCart is the best shopping cart software for you, don't hesitate to get early access and start using the app today.

Get your LeadCart early access right now!

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