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14 Best Upsell Apps that Will Bring You More Money

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Upselling is a sales technique that aims to persuade customers to purchase either a more expensive version of the product or service or other add-ons with the intention of making larger sales. The upsell is usually compatible with the product you bought first or the upsell product is offered at a lower rate.

The most recognizable form of upselling is done in fast-food restaurants when if bought a burger, the seller will most likely offer your drinks or fries with your burger.

Upselling is usually done in-person when the seller has direct interaction with the customer. But how do you upsell online? You need an upsell app (or two) that will help you do that using various features specifically designed.

In this article, I’ll show you the 14 best upsell apps. I’ve compiled this list after testing out numerous apps on a couple of stores I run.

1. LeadCart

LeadCart is a simple but powerful shopping cart solution designed to help you convert more sales and maximize your profits. The app was started in 2019 and is currently available in early access.

At the moment, LeadCart has 12 upsell features (or as they call it - “conversion boosters”). Some of my favorite conversion boosters include:

  • One-click Upsell - one of e-commerce’s best-kept secrets works simply by offering an additional product immediately after your customers place their order. All your customers have to do is consider the offer and click just one button to add the upsell product to their cart. Sold!
  • Order Bumps - when your customers add a product to their cart but before going to the checkout page, they are presented with an interesting product that can quickly add to their cart. Order bumps are a quick, not invasive but noticeable way to upsell an additional product.
  • Cart Recovery - one of the oldest upsell tricks in the e-commerce book is again pretty simple. A potential customer enters all their data including their email but for some reason leaves the website. Bummer, right? Well, no. With LeadCart’s cart recovery feature, the customer gets an automated email sent to them after a certain time period. The email contains a special cart recovery discount. The discount is for sure going to change their minds.
  • Pre-Filled Checkout Pages - this upsell feature uses certain data points to pre-populate some fields in the checkout page like the customer’s country, or their name and email if they’ve shopped on your store before. A nice touch that speeds up the process.

In addition to upselling features, LeadCart offers other comprehensive features that are designed to help entrepreneurs sell any type of product online - physical or digital. With LeadCart, you can be sure that it’s going to be one of the only apps you use to manage your online store.

2. Pop Upsell

This Shopify upsell app, as its name implies creates a pop-up that shows the customer a certain offer. This pop-up can be set up to either show up when a customer visits your store for the first time or when the potential customer is about to exit your site or even both.

Some of the other features of Pop Upsell include:

  • Create coupons and other special promotions like free shipping or special pricing.
  • Make pop-ups that appear if certain conditions like when a customer adds a certain number of products to their cart art met.
  • Collect emails from people that are subscribed to the content on your store.
  • Create pop-ups with special discounts or pop-ups that show limited offers.

The pop-up builder is great for those that don’t have so much experience with upsell apps as the app is free to use.

3. Bold Brain

Bold Brain is an upsell app that uses artificial intelligence to offer the products your customers are most likely to buy. Bold Brain does this by analyzing data and customers’ behavior on your website. The app has a couple of features:

  • Create coupons and other special promotions like free shipping or special pricing.
  • Offers - artificial intelligence will determine which products to show as top-rated and products that are recently bought. This gives potential customers a sense of security since the product has been rated as good or bought recently.
  • Product views - Bold Brain will show recently viewed products on the website which gives proof to the potential customer that other people are interested in a certain product.

The app is offered in a free and a paid premium version. The paid version costs $19.99 /month plus 2% of the sales that were generated with the help of Bold Brain.

4. Also Bought Recommendations

One of Shopify’s top-rated upsell apps, which works by showing the potential customer the people who purchased the product they are looking at. To do this, they are using proprietary analysis which stores previous purchases and uses that data to help to cross-sell.

Some of the features of the app include:

  • The ability to display product sliders that show which of the items from your store are most commonly bought.
  • The ability to choose the location of the product sliders, they can be moved anywhere on the website

Also Bought Recommendations is great if you don’t want to spend time manually choosing which products to upsell or cross-sell. The algorithm works by collecting data from your sales stats and I assume it gets better over time - the more you feed it.

The app costs $9.99 a month but has a free 30-day trial available.

5. In-Cart Upsell

In-Cart Upsell is another upsell app that uses artificial intelligence and advanced targeting to help you sell more. The difference between In-Cart Upsell and other similar upsell apps is that it doesn't disturb the potential customers with pop-ups while they're browsing and instead allows you to set up under which conditions the upsell offer pop-up with will show up.

The basic app is free to use, but there are also 2 paid plans:

  • The free plan of the app only allows one upsell pop-up to show up.
  • The Beginner plan (which costs $14 a month) allows you to create up to 25 different offers. With the Beginner plan, you also get an additional geo-targeting feature that allows you to create location-specific upsell offers.
  • The Professional plan costs $39 per month and allows you to create up to 500 different upsell offers. In addition to many offers you can create, the Professional plan also allows you to do A/B testing and analysis to determine which of the two offer versions you've created is more efficient.

6. Cart Convert

Cart Convert is an upsell app that uses data to help you sell more. Their algorithm does this by looking at the potential customers who have items in their carts. These potential customers are showing strong buyer signal so the algorithm offers them either a more expensive item or cross-sell them a matching item.

This upsell app also has additional interesting features like the ability to show potential customers with recommended products that will help them get free delivery. This can be a good way to get customers to spend more and get free shipping and more items in return.

Cart Convert is offered in 2 plans - the free and the Premium one. The Premium plan costs $19 a month and allows you to have special offers for certain customer groups and returning customers as well as the ability to build more complex custom offers.

7. SMAR7 Bundle Upsell

SMAR7 Bundle Upsell approaches upselling in two ways. First, it upsells through offering product bundles. The product bundles are created with the help of critical data analysis. The specific items from various categories are identified as the ones that customers are often interested in. Those products are usually complementary or similar.

The other way SMAR7 Bundle Upsell helps with upselling supports the first way by incentivizing or rewarding customers with discounts for each product they add to their cart. This is a smart tactic as customers get the sense that they are saving money by spending more.

The app is free to try for 7 days, after which it costs $47 a month no matter the size of your store or the website traffic your store has.

8. Shop the Look

This is a great upsell app for stores that sell clothing, accessories and other fashion or beauty products. However, it can be very useful even for non-fashion stores like automotive parts and furniture stores.

The premise of Shop the Look is simple. Instead of using product pages to show your product bundles, you instead use models that show your items. It does this by showing a non-invasive button while potential customers are browsing items in your store.

After the potential customers click on the button, they are taking to a page where multiple related items are shown. For example, a potential customer is looking at shoes. The Shop the Look button appears, they click on it and are taken to a page where a model is showing the shoes with matching scarf and earrings. From that page, they can simply add all the products to the cart.

The app has a 15 days free trial, after which it costs $9.99 a month.

9. Personalizer

Personalizer is a popular upselling tool that has over 1000 reviews. Its artificial intelligence engine shows customers (what the AI thinks are the right items at the right time.

It performs a competitive analysis of customer behavior and pairs that data with various personalized item recommendations on each page. The products are usually placed in more than categories as a way to maximize the chance that a certain product that is triggered will interest the customers. Some of the categories are: trending products, new arrivals, and frequently bought together.

Additionally, you can track product performance, rank products, and sort lists of items by interaction source. It also features a real-time reporting dashboard.

The pricing plans are a bit complicated. The cost of the packages is based on your store’s Shopify plan, and the dev team is allowing you to use the app for free if it drives less than 5 times your monthly Shopify fee. An interesting payment scheme, something you don’t see very often

10. Upsell X

Upsell X works by offering optimized price discounts and product add-ons. Basically, it shows a popup window, which displays additional items that can be paired with the products the potential customers already have in their shopping carts.

You can pick up to 5 specific add-on items that go well with the products in your store. These products are then offered to your potential customers. It also allows you to prioritize each item in your store and adjust how frequently it appears in the upsell offer.

Another interesting feature is the discount you can offer. The discount usually works well in boosting the chances of closing an upsell. The discount can be tweaked in any way you want.

The app also has an interesting payment scheme. It is free to use for no more than 10 upsell purchases per month. After the 10 upsell purchases, you are moved to the Standard Plan, which has unlimited upsell purchases for $29.99 per month.

11. Boost Upsell

Boost Upsell offers three great features: Add-to-Cart Upsell, Smart Upsell, and Last-step Upsell. These 3 features together should help you upsell more.

Add-to-Cart Upsell works by showing a popup with a better and usually more expensive product to the potential customers after they add an item to their cart.

Smart Upsell automatically suggests personalized upsell products to customers after they add an item to their cart. The personalized upsell products are chosen after analyzing the customers' buying history and their behavior in your store. Smart Upsell also allows you to set rules which make the feature even better.

The third and final feature - Last-step Upsell works by offering customers more items right after they click on the Checkout button on the cart page. Last-step Upsell also allows you to add discounts to make the upsell offer even better.

Boost Upsell starts at $20 a month.

12. Reconvert

Reconvert is an interesting upsell app that works a little different. Most upsell or cross-sell offers online show up during the shopping. Reconvert allows you to upsell products to your customers after they've completed the checkout.

You are free to customize the upsell offer in any way you want. A good post-checkout upsell would be to offer a product with a special discount for the customer’s birthday. The possibilities are endless.

The app is free for 30 days and then starts at $4.99 a month.

13. Recart

Recart was created to help merchants with Facebook Messenger marketing. The app allows you to create automated messenger campaigns.

Some of the campaigns you can send with Recart include abandoned cart reminders, order receipts, and welcome messages. You can add some of your upsell products to these campaigns and make them more visible.

Another feature of Recart is the ability to create Facebook Messenger campaigns that contain the upsell products you want to sell.

Recart has a 28-day free trial, after which it costs $29 a month.

14. Mailbot

Email marketing is a great way to upsell to your customers. It is probably one of the best ways to upsell, as it doesn’t distribute the shopping experience and can be done when customers aren’t visiting your store.

Mailbot is an email automation app that helps you create email campaigns that have a goal to upsell. To create an email campaign, all you need to do is choose the type of campaign you want, edit it to add upsell products and you’re ready to send it to your customers.

The app also features a dashboard that allows you to see all your campaigns and various related data that are expected in a regular email automation software.

Mailbot starts at $29 a month and has a 15-day free trial.


Upselling is one of the best ways to increase your profit. With the right apps and proper setup, you can sit back, relax and let the upsell apps do all the work. However, to be able to do that, you need to have the proper apps.

That’s why in this article, I’ve covered the 14 best upsell apps currently available on the market. Some of the apps have similar features but each one has a unique twist that makes it stand out.

However, even among the best upsell apps, there has to be one that stands out. The best of the best upsell apps. And for me, after testing out numerous apps on a few stores, the best upsell app is LeadCart. It has all the upsell and cross-sell features that you might need, as well as so many other features and tools that I didn’t even mention in the review.

With LeadCart, you get the complete shopping cart software that is designed to help you convert more sales and maximize profits.

Interested in LeadCart? Get your LeadCart early access right now!

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